Cathedral Square, Syracuse's Newest Oldest Neighborhood,The Centerpiece of Downtown

When you walk down the street in the Cathedral Square neighborhood there is no doubt that you are in the heart of the city. Home to many of the key civic, cultural and governmental institutions in Syracuse, Cathedral Square brings together living, learning, the arts, and service with so much style and grace that it might catch you by surprise.

The Cathedral Square neighborhood embraces the Montgomery Street - Columbus Circle national historic district and the Fayette Park area. By working together we can strengthen the assets of our neighborhood. We can create a neighborhood where a medical student can find both a reasonably priced apartment and assist in a private medical practice whose patients may be homeless or most in need of our community’s care. This is a neighborhood where empty nesters can find a great apartment and access to superb restaurants and cultural events; and become the “newest oldest” neighborhood in the city.


“Cathedral Square is living proof why, for centuries, the foremost gathering place in a community has been the city center, where the main cathedrals are located. Now, in community we can reclaim the heart of our city with its thriving cultural, civic, and spiritual center wrapped in beautiful architectural splendor!”

Gregg Tripoli, Executive Director, Onondaga Historical Association